Secure Self-Service Cloud

Spinup enables Yale University faculty, staff, researchers and graduate students to leverage secure resources in the cloud in minutes.

On-demand. Easy. Secure.

Spinup’s easy to use portal makes cloud-based resources available at the click of a button.

Resources deployed through Spinup have access to Yale’s shared services such as Active Directory, DNS, Email and Storage@Yale.

Deployments happen in minutes instead of hours or days and you only pay for the resources that you use.

All charges are passed through from the cloud provider and all of Yale’s negotiated discounts are applied automatically.

Any department, any discipline, Spinup was built for you.

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Our Services

Virtual Machines

Pre-hardened Linux and Windows virtual machines for dealing with low, moderate and high risk data...


Low, moderate and high risk containers deployed on a fully managed container orchestration platform...


Managed relational databases, pre-configured for low, moderate and high risk data...

Data Enclave

A secure platform for storing, managing and computing against research data sets...


Object storage, NFS, and high-speed access to Storage@Yale...

Static Websites

Public websites with custom names and SSL...

Ready to get started?

The Spinup platform is available for all of Yale’s faculty, staff, researchers and graduate students from campus networks or VPN.

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