Spinup virtual machines are deployed from pre-hardened Linux and Windows machine images, patched automatically and put the power in your hands. You have root/administrator, so you can keep your virtual machine secure and get your work done.

Secure by default

Deployed from pre-hardened images and automatically patched, Spinup gets you started on the right track. Access to your virtual machines is limited to your resources by default, and controlled by you.

Grow with your service

Spinup virtual machines are easily resized. Expand your virtual machine’s resources, grow or add volumes when you need.

Cost effective

Deploy only the resources you need. Stop your machines when you aren’t using them, and pick-up where you left off when you’re ready. Schedule the stopping and starting of your virtual machines with the Spinup Jobs scheduler.

Peace of mind

Virtual machines are automatically backed up and allow you to create on-demand snapshots for simple recovery of those ‘oh no!’ moments. Custom machine images can be created to allow you to deploy new virtual machines from your existing ones.