Relational databases in Spinup are fully managed and pre-configured for low, moderate and high risk data.


Spinup supports multiple versions of MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server at the click of a button (literally!) to support your new or existing workloads.

Spinup also offers a range of database sizes and offerings. You can stop and start databases to control cost when they aren’t needed, or you can choose to deploy a Serverless database offerings that enables automatic pausing of your database during periods of inactivity and automatic reactivation and scaling when requests are made.


Spinup databases can be resized on-demand so you only pay for what you need now. Automatic storage growth is available on some offerings so you don’t need to monitor disk usage.

Worry Free

Spinup databases are deployed and updated automatically so you don’t have to worry about it. Snapshots are taken daily so you can recover if disaster (or a mistake) happens. High-Availability options are available.