The Spinup Secure Data Set is a platform for Yale’s researchers and community members to store and manage research data and provision secure compute with automatic access to the data.

Shared Management

You know your data. We know the cloud.

We’ve built an effective platform for you to store and manage purchased, downloaded or machine-generated data sets. We help you manage the original data, derivatives and any data use agreements (DUAs). You’re responsible for sticking to the shared responsibility model and doing your research.

Simple and Secure

Because the Secure Data Set is integrated into Spinup, it’s simple to provision secure compute along side your data and automatically grant access.

Data sets managed through the Secure Data Set are encrypted at rest and in transit. Access is tightly controlled and extensive audit logging is enabled.


The Spinup Secure Data Set supports moderate and high risk data sets.

No Limits

Storage that grows with your data and scalable compute provisioned on-demand make the Spinup Secure Data Set a excellent place to do your research.

Example Workflow

The Spinup Secure Data Set is a flexible platform, this is an example workflow where original data is uploaded to the cloud, the original data set is finalized and then accessed from secure compute. The output of the computation is optionally written to a derivative data set that carries metadata linking it to the original. The derivative data set is then optionally promoted into a new original.

Example Secure Data Set Workflow