The Spinup container service makes it easy and cost effective to deploy your container workloads to the cloud. Our integrated container registry allows to store your images in the cloud with automatic vulnerability scanning built-in!

Cost effective

The Spinup container service allows you to deploy only the resources you need, when you need them. You can scale your services vertically and horizontally. Containers are billed based on CPU and Memory, registry repositories are billed based on storage consumed.

Leverage spot capacity for up to 90% discount compared to on-demand pricing.

Secure and flexible

You control the access to your containers with access limited to only your resources by default. Expose your containers to campus or to the public internet though hardened load balancers and firewalls. Securely manage your sensitive application parameters with built-in secrets management.

Control your workloads from the Spinup portal. Deploy from any public or private docker registry, or our integrated container registry. Leverage persistent volumes or object storage for your data.