How did Spinup start?

Spinup was started in 2016 by a small group within Yale ITS to provide self-service sandbox environments. Since the early days, Spinup has grown to support many research and administrative applications both within ITS and in the Yale community.

As of Summer 2020, there are over 400 resources deployed in Spinup.

Why should you try Spinup?

The Spinup self-service portal allows users to create resources in minutes, instead of hours or days. No tickets, no waiting, no roadblocks. Get what you need, now.

Spinup resources are deployed from an easy to use portal. There’s no need to learn complex cloud platform specific processes, procedures and terminology. From temporary dev environments, to research projects, to production applications, Spinup can handle it. Once resources are deployed, you have administrator/root access to control your resources.

Spinup utilizes an innovative shared responsibility model which clearly defines what security is provided by the platform and what is required of the user (you). Spinup can host Low, Moderate and High Risk data, including HIPAA and FERPA data, when properly configured and operated (a security planning assemesment is required for servers hosting moderate / high risk) data. All resources will be tagged for quick identification and remediation in the event of a compromise.

Spinup resources are deployed in the cloud and are billed by the hour. All cloud costs are passed through to your COA and there are no additional charges. All negotiated Yale discounts for the cloud are automatically applied.

Spinup was built with Yale’s mission in mind. Spinup resources are behind Yale’s enterprise firewall, preventing attack by malicious actors from outside of Yale’s network. Servers, databases and containers get assigned Yale IP addresses and Yale DNS names. All resources have access to Yale’s valuable services such as Active Directory, DNS, Storage@Yale, e-mail services and DUO MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Spinup is constantly improving and adding new features. Enhancements are driven by YOU! Reach out and let us know what you need.