Despite an extremely challenging year in many regards, FY21 has been a phenomenal year for Spinup. Year over year, we have seen significant growth in Spinup’s capabilities, the number of resources managed by the platform and the number of active users. To put that into perspective, in the last 12 months, we have more than doubled the number of resources managed in Spinup and added more than 200 new users.

Along with evolutionary improvements to our existing services, we launched four major new features with two more in beta status. We also completed significant backend work that remains transparent to you, the end user, but sets us up to move faster, be more secure and help us empower you even more than we do today. Time and time again, you have helped us to legitimize our strategy and to promote secure, simple self-service as a desirable operating model for Yale’s cloud.

First, I want to call out the Spinup team, a small group of hard working engineers dedicated to building, maintaining and supporting the platform to a very high set of standards. Every single day, I see examples of their dedication to code quality, stability, security and the best user experience we can offer. They care about making it easy for you to get your work done, and it shows.

Second, as someone who has more than a decade of experience in Yale ITS, I recognize the fact that we are enabled by the ITS leadership team to make this happen is an indication of real change in our organization for the better. Without the organizations support and financial backing, Spinup couldn’t exist.

Finally and most importantly, thank you to our users and our community. Over the years we have seen our users grow and one of the most obvious indications of this is our Slack channel. We regularly witness users jumping in to help each other, which is truly amazing to see and what we hoped would happen once a critical mass was reached. The candid feedback we get from you is invaluable. That feedback makes its way into our backlog almost immediately so that we can process it and design solutions that meet your needs. We welcome it and always want more of it. If you haven’t heard it before (I hope you have!), feel free to reach out to me directly or to the team via email or slack. Spinup is built for you!

In closing, thank you for using Spinup, thank you for supporting us, thank you for helping us to make Spinup better and here’s to another great year!

E Camden Fisher
Principal Architect
Cloud Technologies
Foundational Technology Services